Chimp&z Inc wins digital mandate for Hashtag Poker & Poker Sports League

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Chimp&z Hashtag Poker

Chimp&z Inc will be responsible for social media and influencer management, production and performance of campaigns for Hashtag Poker & Poker Sports League.

Chimp&z Inc wins the digital mandate for video poker app Hashtag Poker and Poker Sports League, affiliated with Mind Sports League. Along with social media and influencer management, the agency will also oversee its production and performance campaigns.

Hashtag Poker and Poker Sports League aim to sportify the game of poker through a unique, team-based format. To help establish poker as a mind sport by changing the perception of the game in India. Chimp&z Inc plans to articulate its vision and USP’s using a wide array of strategies to position them as the one-stop-shop for all the poker fans. 

On the association, Pranav Bagai, Founder & CEO, Mind Sports League said, “The game of poker is assumed to be a tedious task and to break that glass between the truth and assumption, we have joined forces with Chimp&z Inc to help us communicate our vision and establish poker as a fun mind sport. After scouting across various agencies, we have now found the right ROI-driven agency that understands our long-term goals and can amplify our voice on social media through campaigns and creative strategies. We look forward to this amazing collaboration.”

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Akshay Chachra, Co-founder & CFO, Mind Sports League said, “Poker now has a robust digital presence. It's time for us to enhance our reach and spread the word that poker is more of a lifestyle that aids in the development of life skills such as decision making, recruiting, financial planning, interview skills, and risk appetite, etc. Since poker is a relatively new game in India, its acceptance and development potential are enormous. We believe in the dedicated team of Chimp&z Inc and are thrilled to embark on this new journey with them.”

Commenting on the win, Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & Co-founder, Chimp&z Inc said, "We are intrigued to work on creating powerful communications for Hashtag Poker & Poker Sports League who believe in shattering stereotypes and the team at the brand believes in the same. Over the next quarter, you will be seeing a lot of work on social media, digital performance, and the video production front. Chimp&z Inc and Hashtag poker both share extremely high aspirations and that common value and vision will make this partnership favorable for us and a treat for our audiences.”

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