Facebook introduces Instagram Reels ads placements

Facebook Reels Ads

Facebook will allow for Reels Ads placements on Instagram via the Instagram Marketing API now. This will be available on all current Marketing API versions and does not require an upgrade.

Instagram has been pushing Reels for brands and consumers alike. Many creators over the last few months have pointed out how Reels tend to get organic reach due to a push from the platform. The new ad placements come in line with the platform’s vision for Reels.

This will not require the use of a new endpoint; the Reels Ads placement option will become available via the current Marketing API endpoint, through the addition of the placement option. Using this new addition, creators will be able to update their app to enable clients to create and preview Reels Ads via API.

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This feature update will enable the following three capabilities/use cases via the Marketing API:

Creating Ads: Developers will now be able to create ads and use Instagram Reels as one of the target positions to reach out to their potential customer base.

Better insights: When breaking down insights by Placement level, it will be possible to see how ads perform via Instagram Reels placement.

Ad preview: Developers will be able to fetch the preview in the Instagram Reels format.