Facebook updates & launches new ad measurement tools

Facebook ad measurement

The updates to existing ad measurement solutions along with the launch of new products are designed to enable advertisers to drive marketing objectives on Facebook and measure the performance of campaigns.

The development and new ad measurement tools by Facebook are also designed to execute performance analysis in the wake of the recently launched privacy updates on iOS.

Conversions API

The new addition of Conversions API Gateway, an option in the Events Manager has made it easier for advertisers to set up a connection between marketing data and the Facebook systems that help businesses optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action and measure performance. Setting up this connection has now been made easier for advertisers who may ack developer resources and coding skills.

Aggregated Event Measurement

This tool intends to improve campaign reporting for iOS 14+ users by enabling view-through attribution by default for newly created campaigns using web events, making it clearer for advertisers to see which ads are responsible for conversions while catering to the privacy and tracking preferences made for Facebook.

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AEM will consider conversions from all advertiser-associated web pages in auto-redirect scenarios. For instance, a consumer being redirected to a global web domain but making a purchase through the country-specific web domain. Attributions to websites that are not owned by the businesses but where the users are redirected to for the purchase will also be included in the campaign reporting. The measurement reporting capability will gradually also be available for apps.

SKAdNetwork Campaign Capabilities

Facebook has improved SKAdNetwork campaign management and attribution capabilities, and advertisers will now be able to garner a more comprehensive view of conversion paths of their iOS 14+ Mobile App Install campaigns.

Facebook has enabled view-through conversion attribution for iOS 14+ Mobile App Install campaigns that rely on data received from Apple’s SKAdNetwork (SKAN) API for the measurement of conversion events.

Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Facebook recently also launched Privacy-Enhancing Technologies to limit the use of data processed, personal information, and online activity used for tactics such as targeted advertising. Multi-Party Computation (MPC), On-Device Learning, and Differential Privacy are a few of the PETs launched by Facebook.

Facebook states that capabilities such as ad measurement solutions and personalization would still be functional, but Privacy-Enhancing Technologies (PETs), that leverage techniques from the fields of cryptography and statistics will minimize user data processed.