Infographic: Basic social media etiquettes that brands need to follow

social media etiquette

With growing vigilance among social media users, it is essential for businesses to be mindful of their conduct on such platforms. Learn how to avoid bad social media etiquette and adapt the good ones, with this infographic.

Social media etiquettes can often and unintentionally take a back seat in between strategizing plans and designing campaigns, but it should not be ignored by business accounts, and this infographic will highlight why. Bad etiquettes like spamming users’ inbox, irrelevant and innumerable hashtags, copying content without giving due credits to the original creator, forceful humor, and many more would deter user engagement, brand collaborations, and can tarnish the brand’s reputation on a larger scale.

The infographic further highlights some good practices. For instance, declutter the caption space, and add hashtags to increase post/ account visibility on social media platforms, keep a check on trending and most followed hashtags to gain traction, and more.

Social media pages can be quite a reflection of a brand’s conduct with its customers. Avoid indulging in arguments and being defensive. Instead, try to resolve users’ issues, this would not only leave a lasting impact on a particular user but also invite appreciation from other users.

Learn more about social media etiquettes for brands with this infographic b Red Website Design blog.

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