Marketing confectionaries: Mansi Datta & Ritesh Sud spill the candy…

Perfetti Van Melle marketing

Ritesh Sud from Perfetti Van Melle in conversation with Mansi Datta from Wavemaker offers insights on marketing in the impulse category in a price-sensitive environment.

In conversation with Mansi Datta Chief Client Officer and Head – North & East, Wavemaker India, Ritesh Sud, Associate Director- Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle, outlines the approach and strategies devised for marketing a portfolio of iconic brands and catering to the evolving media landscape and consumption patterns.

Mansi and Ritesh had a fireside chat at the Festive Marketing Week, delving into the confectionary space and marketing to the target audience. She opens up the conversation by mentioning how Perfetti Van Melle brands hold almost 1/4th of the market share, the panelists further dive into particular subjects such as brand awareness, building loyalty, and more, below are a few takeaways for marketers.

Below are a few takeaways from the candid conversation:

  • Confectionery is an impulse-based category that is cluttered with the organized and unorganized sector and is price-sensitive
  • Creativity plays an important role but a brand also needs to be the first choice of the consumer
  • With the evolving consumers, we need to evolve on how to reach the consumer better and where to reach them
  • Awareness is becoming increasingly important with the evolving media landscape, to meaningfully engage with the consumers and look beyond traditional mechanisms

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  • It’s important to look at reach and ROI but it is also important to measure the long term impact
  • Along with building awareness, it is also important to build consideration and brand loyalty
  • The share of Television in market share has been decreasing gradually
  • Comedy as a genre works very well for the mood upliftment category in content marketing
  • Its important to assign a purposeful role to a brand basis on the needs they satisfy
  • Differentiate and position each brand as per the role that play in the lives of the consumers depending on the consumption occasions

Gaming and content development has become an important part of Perfetti Van Melle’s marketing mix
In terms of taking an integrated media approach, the brand also uses various tools from partners, and follows the consumers, Sud concludes.