#ThisLittleGirlIsMe: Women role models share inspiring stories to mark International Day of the Girl


#ThisLittleGirlIsMe saw a lot of enthusiastic participants and deep engagement on Instagram and LinkedIn over the past month. Here’s all you need to know about the initiative.

It isn’t a secret that there simply aren’t enough women leaders for little girls to look up to and aspire to be like. However, the ones that do reach the top, despite the daily dose of misogyny while functioning in a world that’s working against them at every step, tend to have inspirational stories of heartbreaks as well as dreams coming true. For International Day of the Girl 2021, UK-based non-profit, Inspiring Girls International had initiated a global campaign called #ThisLittleGirlIsMe. It was an attempt to make women role models easily available to girls on social media.

While working on the campaign, Inspiring Girls International’s team found research that showed how over 90% of girls feel they have higher personal and career aspirations after following inspirational women on social media. The campaign was designed to give them thousands of women from diverse backgrounds to follow and be inspired by.

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“We passionately believe in the power of role models and we work all over the world showing girls female role models from diverse backgrounds, women from all walks of life, who can inspire them to choose freely whatever they want to do in life,” the NGO stated. Women leaders were invited to be a part of the initiative by posting any time between September 13 and October 11, 2021 — in the lead up to the International Day of the Girl 2021.

To participate, women were asked to post a picture of themselves as a little girl, share their ambitions at that age and a piece of advice they would have given their younger selves. They were also nudged to encourage others to join in. #ThisLittleGirlIsMe was the key hashtag binding these efforts together.

Though intended to be an Instagram campaign, it saw a lot of traction on LinkedIn too. It was fitting for on LinkedIn, their stories could reach young women professionals, pushing them to stay hopeful for a bright future. It could all also help facilitate networking. The non-profit also used their own presence to introduce people to the curated stories on the hashtag, asking them to read and follow more and more women leaders.