Twitter introduces Professional Profiles

Twitter Professionals

Professional Accounts on Twitter will provide a slate of creative tools to businesses, creators, publishers, and developers of all industries and sizes space to showcase and highlight their content, products, and services directly on Twitter. 

Starting this week, Twitter is beginning to introduce an entirely new platform for brand identity on its platform. With Professional Accounts, Twitter intends to provide the ability to users to grow and strengthen their presence on Twitter. Twitter continues to test and expand upon the features launched last year for professionals and has now created one central experience where they can get access to the tools the platform is designing specifically for their needs, with Professional Profiles.

Professional Accounts are a gateway to a wide range of professional tools not available to non-professionals, including our Twitter Ads, Quick Promote, Advanced Profile features, and our future efforts around shopping. 

Professional Profiles are how you show up on Twitter with a Professional Account. These profiles will enable professionals, for the first time, to have a unique and clearly defined presence on the platform, separate from the general user. 

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Twitter Professional Profiles are comprised of two features:

  • The professional category is an indicator of a professional’s profile, showcasing what kind of professional they identify as. This information is collected when a professional converts to a Professional Account and can be updated at any time.
  • Profile modules are dedicated space on a professional’s profile to showcase what’s most important to them.

Professional Profiles was introduced first in April this year with the About Module. Since then, two additional modules the Newsletter module, built in partnership with Twitter’s recently acquired newsletter service, Revue, and the Shop module, part of our growing efforts around Twitter Shopping have been launched.

Twitter recently expanded access to the About Module to all professionals in the United States.

Some of the features and tools offered to Professional Accounts are still available only to a small group of people in select markets. Twitter is working on bringing all of these features to everyone. When users opt into Professional Accounts, they will see whichever tools are currently available.