Twitter rolls out new features for Communities & Spaces

Twitter features

Twitter intends to improve the accessibility of Spaces and provide moderators and admins with more options to better manage Communities.

The availability of the few features for Communities is subjective and may not be available to all Twitter users.

Host A Space

Twitter has now opened up the ability to host a Space for all users, previously the option was only available to select users. Users can host a Space on Android and iOS both.

Tagged Topics

Users on Android can now edit tagged Topics for Scheduled Spaces, currently only available for English. For the unacquainted, tagged Topics can describe the genre of a Space, and enable improved discovery.

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User mentions and replies will now highlight when they’re tagged in a certain community. Users will see the name of the community at the top of the Tweet that mentioned or replied to them.

Titles & Description

Admins can now edit the titles and descriptions of Communities.

Membership Types

Membership Types are the different options for how users can join the community, or how participation can be restricted. Currently, in the concept phase, the feature would allow admins and moderators to set up the Community as ‘Open’ that can be joined and discovered by everyone, by invite-only, or by request.