Unacademy’s IPL campaign stirs conversation on social media

Aishwarrya Chakraverty
Oct 12, 2021 15:06 IST
Unacademy IPL campaign

Continuing with its association with IPL for the second consecutive year, Unacademy released its latest brand film titled ‘Mistakes - The Greatest Teacher’. The campaign managed to trend on social media platforms, creating a conversation around the role of mistakes in life.

Unacademy launched an IPL campaign, titled, ‘Mistakes - The Greatest Teacher’ drawing parallels between on-field misses in cricket matches to the academic mistakes in real life. With the campaign, the brand encouraged students to not shy away from mistakes but learn from them. 

As the campaign launched earlier this week, it managed to spark a conversation around #MondayMotivation. Within hours of its release, the film began trending #1 on Twitter. The users shared their take on the campaign while connecting it to their own life and learnings.


The film features, Sachin Tendulkar, the ad film commenced as the cricketer asked viewers the quintessential question of ‘IPL Se Kya Seekha’? Retaining the theme of the last campaign, the video showcased the hits and the misses from the cricket series while weaving in the message of 'making mistakes in your stride'.


While some of the users hailed the motivational message of the campaign for the students, others highlighted the wonderful opportunities that lie beyond the fear of making mistakes in one’s life. 


Leveraging the relatability of the campaign, many viewers shared their own ‘Oh no’ moments in line with the ad film.

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Coinciding with the core message of the campaign around making mistakes, Unacademy also released an engagement post that saw participation from several brands such as Dominos, Tata Motors, Furlenco, Upstox, HDFC Life, and Paytm. 

Unacademy managed to weave in its brand’s ideology with IPL seamlessly. The brand urged consumers to not fear mistakes and motivated them to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

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