Users can now subscribe to newsletters from Tweets in their Twitter timeline

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Twitter newsletters

Users with their email address linked to their Twitter account do not need to confirm their subscription and directly subscribe to newsletters with one click.

This feature is currently available for Revue writers on desktop and mobile web, and will soon be launched on Android and iOS. This is in addition to the already available option to subscribe to newsletters from Twitter Profiles. For the unacquainted, Revue is an editorial newsletter tool acquired by Twitter to integrate its Pro features to aid writers on the platform in building and monetizing their audience.

Users will be able to subscribe to the newsletters when anyone shares the link to a Revue profile on Twitter, they can see a preview and a 'Subscribe' button.

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Writers on Revue can Tweet a link to their profile, share their Profile in a Space they're hosting, and also end threads with a link to their profile, with the new feature.

Twitter has been a source of news and textual content for a substantial number of users, the options can also aid publishing houses and independent journalists to sustain their work.

The introduction of the new features would prove beneficial for writers, journalists, and publishing houses, as articles have a substantial reader base on the platforms on the timeline as well as the Explore and trending categories.

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