vivo tugs at heartstrings with its Joy of Homecoming campaign this Diwali

vivo diwali campaign 2021

Conceptualized by Dentsu Impact, vivo releases a heart-warming Diwali campaign to remind people about the joy of togetherness experienced in celebrating this festival of lights with loved ones.

While most rejoice in the festive season, there are many people who pine for their loved ones and family members during these days. Keeping this narrative at the core, vivo released its new campaign, highlighting the ‘Joy of Homecoming’, this Diwali. The campaign encapsulates the role of smartphone photography in rekindling the joy of connection.

Conceptualized by Dentsu Impact, vivo’s ad campaign features Kanwaljit Singh who brings to life the emotions of a lonely father, taking the viewers on an emotional journey.

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The campaign commences with Kanwaljit as the protagonist – an elderly father whose children have settled abroad while he stays back home, looking after their large family home in the hills. While the father continues to connect with his family through video calls, he deeply misses their presence from time to time, only to draw solace from the travellers who rent the guest room at the apartment.

As the video proceeds, a boy rents the room just before Diwali striking a bond with this elderly and dear man. He realizes how much Kanwaljit misses his family and makes efforts to cheer him up, giving him the much-needed companionship. He then uploads a lot of happy pictures of his holiday on social media. As Kanwaljit’s daughter and family stumble upon those pictures, they realize the longing behind that smiling face. It is said that a picture conveys a thousand words – the children are then seen coming home to celebrate Diwali with their father, creating a moment of wholesome delight.

vivo’s Diwali campaign tugs at heartstrings, seamlessly integrating the product through emotional storytelling. The campaign manages to signify how pictures have an ability to bridge emotional distances driving home the brand message of – “Kyunki Tasveeron Ka Connection Seedha Dil Se Hota Hai”. The background score adds a whole new dimension to the story, keeping the viewers immersed till the very end.

vivo manages to rekindle the joy of connections, keeping its smartphone cameras at the centre of the tale without impacting or compromising the integrity of the story.