WeBeeSocial elevates founding members to new leadership roles

WeBeeSocial leadership

WeBeeSocial announces the new leadership roles for its founding members Soumya Sharma and Shubhendu Jha with an aim to develop in-house technology products and transforming digital ecosystem for businesses.

WeBeeSocial has announced the elevation of both founding members into new leadership roles. The move comes as the agency shifts its focus towards developing in-house technology products that will help brands and businesses transform their ecosystem, digitally.

Soumya Sharma, formerly the Head of Creative Strategy, will now assume the role of Chief Executive Officer at WeBeeSocial. Bringing immense knowledge and innovation to the table, she will lead the creative and technology teams and take command of the overall business growth strategy.

Shubhendu Jha, previously the head of client services, will advance as Managing Director of the agency. In this new role, he will take charge of the business operations, new business alliances, financial management, and other operational matters that drive growth.

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Both Co-founders have been a part of the agency since its inception in 2015 and have been leading, nurturing, and growing their respective divisions. With the expanding business divisions and a new trajectory for growth, the agency is now on the path of strengthening its leadership team, and this move comes as a stepping stone for moving in that direction.

“Innovation and creative thinking are deeply rooted in our core values. Be it simple web applications or complex technology products, we have seen a huge potential in bridging the gap between customers and businesses through technology-led marketing. After a few successful projects, we know this is the right place and the right time to expand our services and we are excited about working towards this goal”, said Soumya Sharma

Shubhendu Jha said “During WeBeeSocial’s formative years, the focus was on developing good clientele which later transcended into building a strong & capable execution team. Today the story is different. We are on a completely different trajectory that aims at growing both the service portfolio and the scale of operations. Therefore, this is a much-needed transition and we look forward to the next chapter with great enthusiasm.