Cadbury Bournvita launches ChatBOT to highlight the significance of children’s mental health

cadbury bournvita mental health

Going much beyond the norm of raising awareness, the campaign lent a hand of support through its ChatBOT that helped the parents identify and reach the right help needed for their children.

Cadbury Bournvita has recently rolled out #GetTheMessage, a digital-first campaign aimed at raising awareness around kids’ mental and emotional well-being and partnering with parents in this journey. The campaign was conceptualized by creative agency Ogilvy India, media agency Wavemaker India and mental health organization, The MINDS Foundation. 

#GetTheMessage puts a spotlight on the neglected topic of children’s mental and emotional health.

The media partner Wavemaker leveraged technology to drive [email protected] and encouraged an active dialogue with parents. The seamless consumer journey between paid media and the chatbots ensured higher engagement, provided a safe space for concerned parents to have a conversation about their children’s mental health, and increase their understanding of the same.

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The ChatBOT reached 1Mn+ parents in a month, resulting in 50000+ hours of meaningful conversations. In addition, the campaign lends itself with a dedicated website Mann Ki Tayyari and a 24/7 toll-free helpline to not only help parents focus on their children’s mental wellbeing, but also provide them with resources to sensitively handle the growing mental and emotional challenges that children face these days. 

The campaign was also amplified through influencer engagement, online webinars, partnerships with leading online platforms along with on-pack integration to drive awareness amongst parents.