Infographic: LinkedIn shares insights on advertising to Gen-Z


With actionable insights that can help marketers tap the potential of 78 Mn+ strong demographic, LinkedIn shares an overview for Gen-Z and others to enter the B2B space with this infographic, which creates the highest engagement on social networks.

The infographic by LinkedIn is a part of their series of blog posts, sharing an understanding of Gen-Z, their user behavior on LinkedIn, and traits and trends that can help marketers cater to them.

India holds the second-largest Gen-Z audience globally after the US. This makes up the demographic to be a growing cohort that is soon going to make up for a substantial chunk of consumers and workforce with distinct preferences and traits.

Actionable Insights For Marketers

Along with the statistics and data points outlined in the infographic, here are some actionable takeaways highlighted by LinkedIn:

  • Create content that aims to help Gen Z more efficiently adapt, improve their creativity, and present themselves with greater acuity. Adaptability, and creativity remains teh top and fastest growing skills amongst the age group
  • Create a mobile-first strategy. The group vastly prefer mobile devices over others
  • Focus on creating interactive content that puts the user in the driver’s seat. Gen Z likes the feeling of being in control. In fact, more than half would like to control the plot of what they’re streaming
  • Aim to collaborate with Gen Zers. Gen Z’s ideal leader is a collaborator, not a controller, commander, or director. The thought leadership content will have a greater impact if it plays to Gen Z’s leadership style preferences

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