Road’s The Way: Kerala Tourism prepares for the needs of safety-conscious travellers

Kerala Tourism Caravan

With content around caravan tourism and drivecations, Kerala Tourism promotes the state’s calm and safe solitude to attract visitors.

Gone are the days when tourism bodies could show a large group of people in their promotional content. For people who have not ventured out in months without a cause — individual experiences are perhaps the best bet. One can gauge this from the strategy of Kerala Tourism, which is currently concentrating on caravan and drivecation experiences. Given the potential of safe privacy, couples are an important target group for these packages. The government is also using these initiatives to promote off-beat locations and the local culture of the state.

“We believe there will be a good demand for caravans as the recent trend shows that most of the tourists are coming as couples or families and they want to go to less-crowded places. It will be a big hit with honeymooners because of the privacy and security offered by caravans,” said Abraham George, Managing Director of Intersight Tours and Travels, in a press release by Kerala Tourism.

The Kerala government has also released a caravan tourism policy, incentivizing experiences for local tourism business owners and travellers visiting the state. “What makes Kerala’s caravan tourism policy different is that it is more responsible and committed to local communities. The policy lays emphasis on the safety and security of tourists and sustainable use of local resources in creating caravan parks,” says Kerala Tourism Minister P.A. Mohamed Riyas.

Here’s how they are using social media to promote these initiatives.

Kerala Tourism Advocates For Caravans

With a new policy in motion, a lot of advocacy is in the works for Keravan Kerala. The government is currently promoting the many incentives for local tourism-related businesses to help make it a success. They are also inviting people to visit Kerala and experience the diverse offerings of the state. They are highlighting aspects of safety and sanitisation in the content, which is majorly audio-visual in nature. Kerala Tourism is mainly using the hashtags #CaravanTourism and #KeravanKerala to tie the campaign together.

Driving Experiences With Drivecations

For years, the backwaters have featured in promotional content around the state. It’s their scenic beauty that tends to bring tourists home. Straying away from these assets, Kerala Tourism is now concentrating on spaces that people can visit and explore in their cars — owned or rented. Among their target audience includes couples and grounds of friends, who are likely to prefer privacy. These offerings have been packaged as a respite from the daily routines of working from home — a perfect opportunity to escape pandemic fatigue.

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Kerala Got Love In The Air

Likely a lead-up to the New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, times when couples tend to take time off for a short break with each other, Kerala Tourism is running a campaign called #LoveIsInTheAir. Kerala is being positioned as the perfect escape for couples to enjoy quality time with each other, away from the stresses of their daily life and the judgments of the world. The last episode of Netflix’s Little Things was shot in Kerala, a fact that the tourism body amplified using their social media presence.

Indian tourism bodies are good at understanding the needs of the travellers, pivoting their plans and marketing spends accordingly. Kerala Tourism has a rich advertising journey, one they are once again adjusting owing to the changes brought into the ecosystem by the pandemic. They are coming up with experiential packages that allow people to witness the state without necessarily interacting with too many people, a win for safety-conscious travellers. Leveraging these offerings to communicate with couples is another plus for the strategy, which seems to have great potential — likely to unfold in the years to come.