Meta introduces Creative App Platform for app developers

Paawan Sunam
Nov 11, 2021 19:35 IST
Meta creative app

App developers producing apps such as video and photo editing tools now have a new Creative App Platform by Meta that would enable them to directly promote their apps on Stories.

Currently, in the beta phase, the Creative App Platform by Meta intends to aid app developers in improving the discoverability of their apps and help users in finding photo and video editing tools for Stories more easily on Facebook.

Smule, VivaVideo, B612, and VITA are a few of the current beta partners. App developers interested in using the platform can register their interest to be considered for the beta program and gain access to the platform. Picsart, Camera360, and Sweet Selfie would be added as new partners.

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Sharing to Stories has been designed to address app discovery, a significant concern that app developers face in the competitive market. Whether it's the app stores or Google listings, it is difficult for creative apps to reach users, and more so when the app is fairly new and has close to no ratings or testimonials.

The platform enables discovery on the Facebook app itself serving the purpose where the demand is generated. Initially announced at F8, the annual developer conference, the platform has been developed in collaboration and feedback in co-building with the beta partners.

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