Opinion: WhatsApp Chatbot 101 – Automating front-end to reduce human intervention

WhatsApp Business

Sumit Gupta of Whizard API explains AI-enabled chatbots on WhatsApp – right from the core build up of these bots to using them efficiently for reducing human intervention and turnaround time.

AI-enabled chatbots are quick, efficient, and tirelessly work double shifts resolving queries and generating leads for your business. Their integration with WhatsApp is how a business can automate their front-end of customer support and statistically reduce human intervention up to 95%. 

WhatsApp chatbots: The new-age tool to automate frontend of businesses

WhatsApp was primarily used for personal communication but with the emergence of WhatsApp Business in 2018, businesses were able to operate seamlessly by leveraging the new-age features of the instant messaging platform and by integrating it with chatbots. This association has eventually helped organizations to communicate effectively with their customers as well as offer them high-end experiences. Chatbots have thus emerged to be a beneficial tool for automating their front-end that helps streamline operations and customer interactions.

WhatsApp automation helping reducing human intervention

One of the major objectives for businesses to tread on the path of WhatsApp automation is that the bots try to emulate human behavior and resolve customer queries in a similar fashion thereby minimizing human intervention. They fulfill a myriad of responsibilities of an online sales representative, customer support executive, payment gateway provider, etc. WhatsApp chatbots facilitate effective customer interaction and allow quick as well as efficient resolution of their queries with their automation, speech recognition, and image recognition features.

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Automation of Customer Communication

With customized template messages offered by WhatsApp chatbots, the entire conversation with the customers can be automated by sending out predefined messages in large volumes. This communication includes order confirmations, appointment reminders, shipping updates, etc. Be it sending order status, notifications, or mass messages, the chatbots perform all kinds of tasks in just a snap, and the need for human resources is eliminated! When WhatsApp is automated, businesses can also send auto feedback messages in a quick turnaround time and instantly assign agents to fasten sale closures. Furthermore, the AI-powered bots enable hassle-free query resolution and personalized conversations thereby leading to high-end customer experiences. 

Speech Recognition: The Intelligent Feature of WhatsApp Chatbots

Various WhatsApp automation tool providers also develop intelligent chatbots that come with speech recognition features. This enables businesses to not only automate the linear conversations but also decipher the voice notes sent through the messaging platform. Harnessing their power, customers can send their messages without manually typing their responses. The smart virtual bots then recognize their queries by using the voice-to-text algorithm and resolve them effectively thereby mitigating the requirement of human intervention. 

Image recognition technology and payment gateways integration

Some WhatsApp chatbots also come with image recognition technology to deliver better services at multiple customer touchpoints. They help in scanning documents and checking the authenticity of the data with the assistance of technology instead of doing it manually and this reduces the scope for human errors! Adding to it, by integration with payment gateways, the WhatsApp chatbots also enable seamless shopping experiences by offering safe and secure multiple modes of transaction.  

Summing up

In this digital-driven world, chatbots are emerging to be the perfect companion for businesses. Due to this, the demand for WhatsApp automation services is surging. And this rising demand is being met with WhatsApp API providers putting in their best foot forward to offer just what the businesses require: WhatsApp chatbots that drastically reduce the need for manual work & offer loads of services on a platter.

If you wonder what an organization like yours needs? Well, swift customer support and a chatbot to retain your customer base. Also, grow it multifolds.

This piece has been authored by Sumit Gupta, Founder Whizard API & The Viral Pitch.