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Conceptualized and executed by Admatazz, Signi Jewels recently launched their latest campaign to highlight the brand's affordable and quality jewellery. Sanya Afreen from Admatazz takes us behind-the-scenes of the campaign.

Keeping data and consumer insights at the core, Signi Jewels released its campaign of #IntenselyIndividual at the onset of the festive season. As we eagerly await the festival of lights in the country, Sanya Afreen Rashid, Associate Creative Director, Admatazz sheds light on the behind-the-scenes of Signi Jewel's recent campaign, the brand's festive marketing strategy, and the trends in the jewellery category when people get into a celebratory and optimistic mood.


What was the brief given to you by the brand? Please share the insights that went behind the campaign?

The agency brief for Signi Jewels revolved around creating a launch campaign that targeted people from all walks of life looking for aesthetically pleasing jewellery at an affordable price.

Since we wanted to market Signi Jewels as affordable luxury, our first step involved conducting an aggressive competitor analysis wherein we carefully went over international jewellery brand personas and design language. Simultaneously, we tried to understand the psyche of our target audience and the factors that influence decision-making when one is looking to buy authentic gold jewellery.

What was the thought process behind creating a hyper-personalized (individual) campaign? How did it help in attaining the campaign objective?

When we talk about jewellery, it's more often than not associated with occasions. The main reason behind this is that buying real gold jewellery requires one to have a big budget. We wanted our campaign to reflect the importance of platforms such as Signi Jewels, wherein one can purchase real gold jewellery at affordable prices.

Hence, the campaign 'Intensely Individual' captured the sentiment of celebrating yourself every day with unique designs that compliment your individual style.

Please take us through the campaign journey - how many phases was the campaign conducted in & the significance of each phase in the overall performance of the campaign?

The campaign was spread across three phases, which included prelaunch, launch, and sustenance.

The pre-launch phase was centered around creating curiosity about the persona of the brand without revealing any products. In this phase, our approach for the call-to-action was to get as many people to register for the website launch.

The launch phase was highly action-packed, wherein we roped in A-lister influencers, including the likes of Tina Kakkad, Juhi Godambe, Ankita Sharma, and Nikhil Sharma. The content was personalized to each of their lives and journeys to stay true to our 'Intensely Individual' campaign. While Juhi Godambe talked about what makes her feel powerful, Tina Kakkad explored her feelings as she transitioned to motherhood. At the crux of every collaboration, the central theme was how important it is to celebrate yourself and your loved ones.

To amplify the campaign further, we collaborated with popular lifestyle platforms such as Vogue, Wedding Sutra, PinkVilla, Miss Malini, and GQ, which helped the brand garner not just awareness but credibility and trust.

Our partnership with Facebook has enabled us to chalk out a sustenance campaign spread across three months using various tools that help garner a higher reach and engagement across different social media platforms.

3 tips to keep in mind while crafting a brand's persona, especially on social media.

Although no hard and fast rule helps set the parameters of your brand's persona. However, if I could list down three things, the first and foremost would be to understand what your brand wants to say. A Mont Blanc cannot be what Zomato is online and vice versa. Similarly, our first step was to take a deeper into what Signi Jewels stands for.

Secondly, the role of a social media expert is to understand how your brand stands out from others and how you can leverage that to create content that has a unique voice in a sea full of data. The third most important step is to look at the brand as if it was a person and list down personality traits that would be consistent throughout all brand campaigns and conversations.

For Signi, after going over these three steps we came to an understanding that Signi Jewels stands for celebrating oneself, affordable luxury, and desire which is what our communication is built on.

What kind of tactics do you have in place to keep Signi's consumers & followers engaged?

At Admatazz, we don't believe in just following the trend, we believe in getting ahead of it. As we understand the need of the hour is 'video first', we are testing out a Beta version of our in-house studio that will cater to all processes from shoot to post-production to create engaging video content daily.

We're all really looking forward to what is coming up in the next few months as we have charted out extremely exciting things for Signi Jewels.

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Please take us through your social media and content plan?

The majority of our focus is on creating aesthetically pleasing audio and video content that is interactive along with being exciting for whoever visits our social media platforms. Since Pinterest is very high on aesthetics, we have remained to be heavily active on the platform along with Instagram and Facebook.

Since it's season time, the next three months are going to be packed with influencer engagements aimed at increasing conversations between prospective consumers and the brand. We are also exploring various AR tools with Instagram to amplify the presence of the brand.

Along with that, our media team is on a war footing with their marketing and remarketing ads to get the product delivered to the screens of the right target audience.

Please take us through your retargeting strategy - how do you engage with Signi consumers through various touchpoints of the purchase cycle?

Our retargeting strategy is as elaborate as a Kaleidoscope, with every little piece adding on to the big picture, i.e., increasing leads while reducing the CPL.

From grabbing the attention of prospective customers from a pool of citizens of the Internet to converting those leads into loyal consumers of the brand. Our media strategy involves SMS, emailer targeting, social and programmatic personalized ads, and various other ways to take the product from the cart to the consumer's home.

With the festive season & big-ticket sports events around the corner, how does Signi plan to leverage the momentum? Please take us through your marketing plan 3 social media trends you foresee shaping up in the festive season

We're packed for the next three months with videos and conversations online covering all festivities from Diwali to the New Year celebrations. We are also spreading our wings by creating brand presence and reaching wider audiences using regional content that helps create a stronger connection between the consumer and the brand. Along with various festivities, since the wedding season is at its peak, it has also taken the centre stage of our marketing strategy.

The most crucial thing shaping up trends is the collective efforts of all brands within an industry. Just like no man is an island, neither does a brand exist in its solitude, thus we pay close attention to what's happening in the overall industry. This has enabled us to build a content map that is based on predicted media trends.

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