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#SS40Under40 Social Samosa 40 under 40

As nominations for the third edition of #SS40Under40 continue in full swing, here’s all you need to know about the 12 categories across which participants from the A & M industry can nominate themselves.

Social Samosa 40 under 40 is our endeavor to raise a toast to the Titans who went against the odds to bring groundbreaking work with agility and strength during testing times. As we gear up to bring the third edition of Social Samosa 40 under 40 to honor the thought leaders from the Advertising and Marketing Industry, we unveil the 12 main nomination categories for the marquee event.

If you haven't already, nominate yourself for #SS40Under40 now.

Nomination Categories

Account Management

If you are a master of multitasking and adept at bridging the gap between the client and the agency then this is the category for you.


This category is dedicated to the people who can make their bread and butter through data and numbers, churning insights as they go along the way for brand campaigns and initiatives.

Brand Management

This category is for those who enjoy crafting a brand’s persona and communication to create humane brands that resonate with the target audience.


Are you someone focused on bringing new clients, delivering prompt business goals for your company? Then this is the category for you.

Content Marketing

One of the most prominent and rising categories of the season – if you are someone that has brought engaging content, going beyond the generic jargons then nominate yourself in this category


Are you the magician that can transform various brand hues into relevant graphics, visual arts, audio, or video while delivering the brand message in an optimum manner? Nominate yourself in this category

Digital Marketing

This category belongs to the Titans who can juggle social media channels and digital domains to achieve campaign objectives and goals

Media Entrepreneurship/Leadership

If you are an A & M professional who has built a media channel from scratch and nurtured it to what it is today, then this is the category where you belong.

Media Planning

This category is dedicated to the leaders who know how to align the appropriate media channels with the right budget for maximum RoI.

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Are you someone who has the ability to weave marketing strategies through data, research, insights, planning, and processes? Then this is the category for you.


If you are a professional who has honed his/her ability to recruit, train and retain the right individuals for organizations to build a lasting impact, then nominate yourself in the HR category.

Operations & Finance

A category that is quintessential to a building block/foundation of any organization. Are you a thorough professional at handling operations and financial problem-solving? Then, this is the category for you.

Now that you are familiarized with all the categories, nominate yourself or deserving industry folks – friends/colleagues, here.

All the entries will be subjected to a detailed evaluation process against set parameters that include – Experience, Growth, Innovation, and Scale of projects – by our esteemed jury members.

Nominations Deadline: 15th November 2021

Have more queries? Write to us at or tweet to us @Social_Samosa. In case of suggestions, feel free to drop your comments below.

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