toothsi’s unconventional take at branding presents new era of advertising

toothsi Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor is furious that toothsi’s clear aligners did not exist in his teenage years. In the brand’s recent campaign, Kapoor shares a candid version of why clear aligners are the way to go. 

Voicing his dissatisfaction over having to wear metal braces as a child, Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor talks about the convenient choice of using ‘toothsi’ clear aligners in the brand’s campaign.

In a behind the scene setup, Kapoor is seen highlighting the inconvenience and challenges he had to face in the absence of toothsi, a brand that offers clear aligners. 

Adopting an unconventional route with their new campaign, toothsi joined hands with Arjun Kapoor for the ad titled ‘You’re lucky, there’s toothsi!’. The video portrays the Bollywood actor asserting how fortunate young Indian customers are now to have the choice of using clear aligners instead of conventional metal braces which are known to cause severe physical discomfort and aesthetic challenges. 

The campaign was first initiated with a teaser showing Kapoor angry at the brand team. The tone and timing of the teaser campaign were strategized to create buzz. The 7-second video left the viewers perplexed as they wondered what’s going on with the actor.

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Kapoor soon put out a story on Instagram, which said that he had a valid reason to lose his temper. The two-day teaser campaign managed to pave the way for what was coming.

Unlike other advertisements where celebrity brand ambassadors act as direct promoters of the product, Kapoor’s quirky attitude was leveraged in an eccentric manner. In the video, he can be seen expressing his dissatisfaction and recalling the agonizing days when metal braces were the only option which lead to self–esteem issues among teenagers. 

Dr. Arpi Mehta, CEO, toothsi, said, “With this campaign, the role of toothsi is much more significant than ever. Since the foundation of toothsi, we have worked diligently to eliminate the problems surrounding conventional braces and offer customers a solution that is contemporary, hassle-free, and more appealing to a wider audience while offering services in the comfort of their own homes.” 

The campaign aims to strengthen toothsi’s brand identity and positioning as the one-stop solution for a best-in-class blend of orthodontics and technology. The brand along with Arjun Kapoor enlightens the consumers about the contemporary alternatives for metal braces that the company offers.

Customized and transparent aligners, remove and wear at your convenience, are a few additional features that the toothsi campaign manages to convey successfully. Combining innovative storytelling with product USP, toothsi manages to grab the consumer’s attention in an immersive manner.