Case Study: How Snapchat Lens campaign for Chupa Chups garnered a Share Rate of 1.71%

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Chupa Chups engagement campaign

Chupa Chups from Perfetti Van Melle released a Snapchat gamified lens as a part of its engagement campaign on Friendship's day. The campaign was designed to cater to the reducing attention spans and managed to garner 50K+ shares on Snapchat.

This case study explores how Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups Snapchat campaign for engagement attempted to increase the brand's reach and user base on the platform through its gamified Lens.

Category and Brand Introduction

Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups is a confectionery brand with a presence in over 150 countries around the world. The brand is popular for their lollipops available in over 100 flavors. Their core philosophy is, ‘sharing happiness with everyone irrespective of their age’


With the aim of reaching the target audience and staying true to the spirit of creating a fun engaging experience that would create a direct brand recall, Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups with Snapchat created a distinct Fun Lens. The brand leveraged Snap’s advanced AR offerings for their teenage audience to celebrate the spirit of friendship, virtually.

Problem Statement/Objective

The objective of the campaign for Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups was to reach more users and increase user engagement while leveraging Snapchat as the prime channel of communication.


The brand believes in sharing happiness with everyone. Taking this thought forward, Perfetti Van Melle Chupa Chups intended to reach and engage more users while attempting to increase its user engagement on Snapchat.

Creative Idea

To do so, Chupa Chups released an engagement campaign with Snapchat by creating a Lens for their teenage audience to celebrate the spirit of friendship in India on 1st August 2021. The gamified campaign involved Snapchatters opening their mouths in front of the camera and catching a range of Chupa Chups in a matter of a few seconds.


The target audience Gen Z is known to have a shorter attention span and they look out for experiences that are unique and engage with them rather than passively viewing ads.

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Chupa Chups released its gamified engagement campaign on Friendship's day. The brand aimed to leverage the Snapchat lens to creatively involve the audience. To participate in the fun game, the users had to catch as many lollipops, as possible while challenging their friends on the platform.

The lens was available in the lens explorer and snapcodes. The audience was able to use a Snap code to unlock the lens and catch over 20 Chupa Chups in 15 seconds.

The audience shared it with friends, as part of the campaign. Snapchat Fun Lens was active for over 15 days. The top 5 winners were to be featured on the official brand social media pages.

Chupa Chup India promoted the initiative across the Facebook page, and Instagram handles to increase the visibility of the campaign and help reach the masses.

The top 5 winners were featured on the brand page, across Instagram stories, every week. T



  • Share Rate - 1.71%
  • Save Rate - 1.91%
  • Shares - 50,000+
  • Saves - 54000 +


The campaign witnessed high engagement amongst the target audience with a high share rate amongst the users who engaged in the game with friends and acquaintances.


Paritosh Gupta, Associate Director Marketing and Digital Lead, Perfetti Van Melle, said, "Perfetti values innovation, we have done it time and time again in our products, but we wanted to translate innovation through engagements to our young audience. Snapchat and Tyroo helped us create a unique experience that allowed us to reach out to a large audience set. We saw high engagements and a new way to promote our products."

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