70% teens expect to discover new music artists on social media in 2022: Instagram Trend Report 2022

Instagram Trend Report

The Instagram Trend Report shares data across categories including fashion, beauty, music, dance, food, and more. The report shares that 34% of young individuals fancy purchasing and using clean makeup and skincare products in 2022.

Instagram has released the first edition of their Trend Report which sheds light on a variety of approaching trends as defined by Gen-Z across multiple categories which include fashion, beauty, music, dance, food, shopping, gaming, wellness, and social justice to name a few.

The report is devised from a survey conducted among 1200 weekly social media users between the ages 13 and 24 in the US. This encapsulates the outlook of the Gen-Z and highlights that nearly half of young individuals consider people like themselves or influencers with smaller, more committed audiences crucial in establishing and shaping trends.

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With people cozily curled up at homes and getting comfortable with not going out more often than before, the report suggests that 1 out of every 6 teenagers are gaining interest in at-home gastronomy.

It also highlights that about 20% of the young adults (aged 21 and above) want to learn about new ways to get food hence shaping 2022 as a year of rising exploration around improving their culinary talents. Maneuvering these insights, online food delivery brands can take their piece from the pie and produce at-home recipe content as part of their social media strategy.

Simultaneously, as minimalism and sustainability gain traction and acceptance among young adults, the report indicates that nearly 34% of young individuals will fancy purchasing and using clean makeup and skincare in 2022. Cognizance of the youth embracing vegan makeup and skincare, beauty brands can deliver on these needs by creating products with “cleaner” ingredients and delivering social media content on how to create minimalist makeup looks.

This Trend Report by Instagram will serve as a road map to help brands and marketers better grasp the major trends that will occur in 2022 and subsequently assist them in drawing up highly effective and relevant social media strategies for the younger population.