Inside: The role of recipes & comfort food in MasterChow Social Media Strategy

MasterChow social media strategy

With sprinkles of memes, humour and topical content, MasterChow social media strategy majorly revolves around romanticising all things Asian food.

With a short history that dates back to June 2020, MasterChow is a young brand trying to make it big using a solid social media strategy. The market for dips and sauces, especially if one were to consider the various homemade versions that haunt a person’s fridge, is one that’s saturated with options. To stand out, one must have something unique that helps them stand out — for MasterChow it’s their love for helping people access Asian cuisines at home. It’s also evident from their timeline that they make and market their products with love — and customers should too.

Instagram ads, followed by other digital platforms for advertising, occupy a major chunk of their journey. Given the product portfolio consisting of flavors and products that are still comparatively new to the Indian palette and mainly famous among the younger demographic – for instance, Korean BBQ Sauce, Black Bean Dipping Sauce, and Sticky Rice – digital native audience makes sense. Social media ads combined with a steady flow of content, Master Chow has been putting out posts sustainably.

We take a deeper look.

Quick & Easy Recipes

MasterChow uses its social media presence to share quick and easy recipes people can recreate at home. Most of them, according to them, can be put together in under 10 minutes. It’s a key section of their content. These snippets are created by their in-house team of experts and chefs. A major focus is on communicating that the dips and sauces can be used in multiple ways and dishes.

Memes & Topicals

Humour is an intrinsic part of the MasterChow social media strategy. Upon scrolling through their Instagram, one can find many instances of the brand’s romance with memes and topicals. They keep the brand communication at the core of such communication, sprinkling it with various elements that help bridge the gaps into the world of popular culture.

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Asian Food Love

Using the love people have for Asian Food as fuel, MasterChow creates content that brings the cuisine closer to people. The brand is packaged to be the perfect partner in such a journey —  while being in the comfort of one’s home. They regularly share content pieces that reflect this sentiment, often with their team featuring in the videos.

Behind The Scenes

MasterChow is a young company with a small team that’s proud of the little things they do and the achievements that come their way. One can gauge this from the way they document their journey. Be it the first office or the bloopers from an in-house shoot — content is created from all things ‘them’.

Romanticisation To The Hilt

One thing common across MasterChow’s profile is how they romanticise their products. It’s not just the usability or the quality, it’s the team’s love that reflects in such content pieces, reeling people in. If they love what they create, shouldn’t you give it a shot too?

Blooming through one of the roughest times in human history, MasterChow seems to have had a riveting journey so far. They are putting in the efforts and investing big in marketing — from product packaging to social media strategy. The brand is making the most of the opportunities in front of them – pandemic has pushed people into cooking more and more at home. They can and are leveraging this comfort to sell their products, a strategy that seems to be working well.