Pinterest highlights trends and demographic info in new report

Pinterest report

Pinterest Predicts has launched its annual anticipatory report that forecasts trends, local spotlights, new demographic info, and opportunities for advertisers, creators and consumers for the coming year, in accordance with user behavior on the platform.

Pinterest Predicts is a report compiled with future trends by highlighting user behavior and the topics they engage with, and the changes that isolation during the pandemic and the COVID-19 impact caused.

The trends have been forecasted through a global analysis conducted by Pinterest, search data, and analysis of English language searches from around the globe. The analysis was conducted for over 400+ Mn monthly global users with over 80% accuracy. Here is a peek of trends from the report.


The pandemic has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone around the world, with instances of self-isolation, loss of loved ones, and grievances being more common than ever, searches for ’emotional escape rooms’ are trending up. ‘Mindful menstruation’ and ‘relation tips’ also highlight users educating themselves.


The report states midnight escapes are going to be huge in 2022 with ‘night moves and ‘Lake it ’til you make it’ trend kicking off. INnland swims will be preferred over beachfront getaways to cure the COVID fatigue.

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Beauty & Fashion

Beauty & Fashion will be seemingly shaken up with newer trends such as ‘puff love’, ‘nailscapes’ and ‘rebel cuts’. Clothing would be stormed by experimental trends such as ‘Pearlcore’, ‘Dopamine dressing’ or ‘Oh my goth’.

Celebration & Food

With celebrations more or less being at a halt for the past two years, any reason is a good reason to celebrate for Pinterest users with ‘Altbashes’ taking the centre stage for celebrations such as adoption or break-up parties. Food is going to be a significant part of these celebrations with people back on basics such as ‘ancestral eats’ from around the world.