Set Wet unwraps 2021 in new campaign tapping pop culture

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Set Wet

Set Wet packs 2021 in a comical video styled with the various avatars and moments that caused topical waves and spiked conversations in the socioverse, to present their new styling range for the youth.

The campaign by Set Wet features Ronit Ashra characterizing the several topical trends and pop culture moments that stormed through the socioverse throughout 2021, drawing parallels between how the year had been packed with more than what we asked for just like the brand's new styling range packed hair waxes and sprays.

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The digitally native concept of showing humorous renditions of the popular personalities intends to spread awareness about Set Wet’s premium styling range of waxes and sprays, by engaging the audience in an amusing way and creating a sense of familiarity.

The two-minute-long video advert will also be supported by social media amplification. Ronit Ashra's social presence is one of the pillars supporting this, the campaign will be extended on his handles through posts and stories.

The campaign will also be amplified by Aalim Hakim, Celebrity Stylist, over 50 meme pages, and 300 micro-influencers creating content around the campaign, concluded by a UGC leg encouraging users to show what became 'Zyada' for them this year.

Set Wet continues to keep its brand image youthful with engaging communication supporting its varied product range.

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