It’s been 10 years and we can’t get enough of you!

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Hello Social Samosa Reader,

It’s been 10 years and we can’t get enough of you!

When they ask us the question, what is Social Samosa?

The most common answer is that we are an online media publication that reports Advertising & Marketing, but to put it in simpler words, Social Samosa is all about YOU.

We create content around Campaigns, Case Studies, Industry & Platform Updates that matter the most to you. We celebrate your work & achievements with our events round the year. We curate the right job opportunities to enable you in your journey as an Advertising & Marketing Professional. We facilitate discussions with Industry Voices to set the course for the times to come and build an inclusive community.

In the last few years, we have built a home for Content Creators with Social Ketchup, and we are nurturing a community of local businesses with Local Samosa. All these years, the mediums, the formats, and the touchpoints might have evolved, but this #SamosaBond has only become stronger.

Though a lot has changed in these 10 years; what started as a blog to report Social Media is now a network of publications. But, in retrospect, everything is still the same. The nature of our interactions or the medium of communication might have changed, but we still get excited to hear from you.

We say we love engaging with you and we mean it :) Share your love, memories, and feedback with us at one of your favorite touchpoints or put it out on Social Media with #SSTurns10. Thank you for your invaluable support in this 10-year journey & as cheesy as it may sound, we want to grow old with you :)

Social Samosa is all about you, and we can indeed never get enough of you!

Hitesh Rajwani, Mrinil Mathur & Social Samosa Family


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