Social Throwback 2021: Josy Paul on campaigns that moved him…

Josy Paul

Advertising veteran, Josy Paul, shares his favourite campaigns from the year – campaigns that added a breath of fresh air to the industry and created an impact.

Come rain, shine, thunder, and even a pandemic – the creativity and spirit of creating, both flowed unhindered in the A&M industry. An increasing number of campaigns came in by the day. Campaigns released in the last year, have had to face particularly more challenges – be in the logistical ones created by the pandemic or the changing socio-political environment that made every topic or storyline a risk to talk about. Nonetheless, many campaigns came in and shined. Celebrated ad man, Josy Paul shares his favourite campaigns from 2021.

“I’ve picked work that moved me instantly when I first saw it. The freshness of thought and the originality were so appealing. It nudged me to look at the world like I had never seen before,” Paul tells Social Samosa.

“It felt hugely relevant for our time and heart-mind space. A big salute to the makers, collaborators, and, most importantly, the clients and brand leaders who co-created this with love, truth, and belief. Thank you for infusing our world with new energy!”

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Here’s a look at his top picks…

Bhima Jewellery. Pure As Love

Facebook More Together – Rizwan

Tanishq – Marriage Conversations

WhatsApp Introducing View Once – Moving On

Thums Up – Olympics #PalatDe

Dove – #StopTheBeautyTest

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