VIP Bags rides a new trend to launch the Zorro Pro, a Workation specialist in new campaign

VIP Bags

VIP Bags launched Zorro Pro range of suitcases in tandem with the rising trend of workcation, showcasing the product features in a new campaign.

A few months into the lockdown, the initial excitement about working from home died down and many realised their workload had only gone up. Add to that the drudgery of working from within four walls and people could not wait to escape to more exciting and inspiring workplaces that would help combine work and some vacation fun. Where the trip wasn’t just about the beaches, the mountains and quaint marketplaces. It was also about staying connected, the many Zoom calls, and being available to take key work decisions. VIP Bags realised as work and vacation merged, there was a need for a different kind of travel bag.

The new VIP Zorro Pro is the first in this Workation Series. With features designed around the needs of a corporate warrior working remotely. A lockable, easy-access laptop compartment, for instance. Or a Suitor Kit to keep your business suit crisp and battle-ready even on a holiday. 

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VIP Bags released three digital films that strike a humorous note while establishing the concept of Workation and why the VIP Zorro Pro is an ideal travel partner for those taking one. The Anti-Viral Luggage Protector bag has features that make Workations safe, efficient, and fun – a fact well-captured in their new campaign.