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To enable creators to better manage their content from the YouTube Studio mobile app, the platform has released a number of features to help creators operate their channel while they're away from their desktops.

The new features for YouTube Studio mobile app are designed to enable creators to access their data and manage their channel on the go.

Search Filters for Comments

As creators may sometimes receive an overwhelming number of comments and may want to prioritize certain ones may want to reply to, YouTube has launched an option to filter comments in the Studio mobile app to find certain types of comments.

Filters can be accessed by tapping "Comments" in the bottom navigation bar. The following filters can be used to search through the comments:

  • Response status: Has this comment been responded to?
  • Contains question: Does the comment contain a question?
  • Subscriber count: Does the commenter have at least a certain number of subs?
  • Subscriber status: Is the commenter publicly subscribed to teh channel?
  • Member status: Is the commenter a channel member?
  • Search: Do any comments contain a specific word the creators wants to search for?

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New Analytics

The platform has included channel-level insights and more metrics to help creators understand how their content is performing. Creators can tap 'Analytics' on the bar at the bottom of the screen to monitor information, check channel overview and key metrics, and analyze viewer data.

Mobile Monetization Appeals

The platform has added monetization appeals to the mobile app to make the feature more accessible when the creators are away from their computer but want to appeal to monetization decisions made by YouTube that they don't agree with.

Creators can head to the “Content” tab n the app, find the video that has limited monetization, tap on the yellow $ icon, and select 'Request review'. After the review has been requested, a policy specialist will analyze the video again, and change the video’s monetization status to the suitable one.

Bottom Navigation Bar

Dashboard, Content, Analytics, Comments, and Playlists, these sections have been moved to this new bottom navigation bar from the three-line menu to make it easier for creators to switch between the tabs.

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