YouTube Updates: Collections, Auto Chapters & more

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube updates

YouTube has announced few updates on ongoing experiments for viewers, and a new resource for creators.

The experiments and updates have been announced by Creator Insider, the informal channel by YouTube. The experiments may not be widely available as it has been rolled out selectively.


Collections is an experimental effort for viewers to make the subscriptions feed less cluttered and organize channels into different 'collections'. The experiment will be executed with a small group of viewers who will be allowed to sort out their subscriptions based on what they would likely watch at different points in time.

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Collections would basically function as categories. For instance, users can create a gaming collection, add all related channels here and go through all videos around gaming as they scroll through the chronologically ranked videos in a collection.

YouTube will automatically create a collection called 'Favorites' and add channels based on the user's watch history and give an option to add or remove channels.

Auto Chapters

The platform is rolling out functionality that automatically adds video chapters in the description of a video. Video chapters are timestamps that divide a video into parts, enabling viewers to skip to the desired points in the video.

Creators can now checkmark the 'Auto Chapters' box in the YouTube Studio in the 'Video Details' tab. Timestamps for chapters can also be overwritten anytime by the creators.

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