Instagram CEO shares priorities for 2022

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Adam Mosseri from Instagram reflects on the progress made in 2021 along with key developments and shares the platform's plans for 2022 and key focus areas for the year.

Mosseri shares that video and controls have been the two major areas of development for 2021 with the growth of Reels, consolidated video format, new creative tools for video, and more options for users to control their experience with sensitive content Controls, the launch of features such as hide like counts and filter words in direct messages. He further outlines the priorities for Instagram in 2022


Mosseri shares that Instagram is "no longer a photo-sharing app" and the platform will double down focus on the video format. All video formats would be consolidated around Reels and Instagram will continue to grow that product.


The platform reckons messaging is an integral part of the social experience on Instagram to connect with friends about interests and it is a primary form of communication; this element will be prioritized in 2022.

It has also been more than a year since the launch of one of the major updates to direct messages with the integration of Instagram and Messenger that lets users connect with friends and family across both the platforms by using either of the apps to send messages and join video calls.

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Users can find people with Facebook accounts and message them on Instagram. They can also control where they receive messages and calls, such as in chats, in message requests, or not at all.

Since users with Facebook accounts can now search for you and send message requests, users can choose where they receive messages requests with additional controls. The platform says cross-app messaging does not change who can see stories or posts.


Creators have become an integral part of social networks and are often the reason to cause major shifts in the userbase. The platform intends to roll out more opportunities for creators to monetize their content and generate revenue.

Instagram plans to launch a number of new monetization products this year to support a creator ecosystem that enables them to sustain through financial remuneration.

Instagram CEO 2022 priorities