Clubhouse introduces Share and web listening features

Paawan Sunam
Jan 07, 2022 04:39 IST
New Update
Clubhouse share

Clubhouse has launched two of the most requested features - Share and Web Listening, to improve discovery of rooms and accessibility to the platform.

The share feature on Clubhouse has been rolled out to all users, and web listening would only be available to a select group of users.


Users will now have the ability to share rooms with others, on Android and iOS. They will have the option to share rooms with other users on Clubhouse, copy link and share it via messages, and also share it on other social networks.

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Users sharing on Clubhouse would also be able to add a comment and share it with their followers. If the room is live they'll be notified that they can join you, and it would also be visible in the hallway.

This feature would also be followed by a new tool for creators that shares insights on their room's performance by displaying Share and Clip counts. These metrics will eventually be a part of a Room Insights page, which would have more performance statistics over a period of time.

Web Listening

This feature will allow anyone to listen to a Clubhouse room without downloading the app, signing up, or logging in. Web listening will work for both live Rooms and Replays and has been launched in an experimental phase only in the US. The platform would analyze the utility of the feature and accordingly expand the rollout to more users or countries.