Heinz Campaigns - as thick & saucy as the brand itself

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Heinz Campaigns

Heinz Campaigns, over the years, have attempted to establish the brand as the thick saucy companion that goes along with every dish, in every situation.

Introduced in 1876 in Pennsylvania, Heinz Ketchup has been known for its thick ketchup. With its tagline "It has to be Heinz" - the brand has over the years attempted to highlight how Heinz stands out with its promise of thick and luscious sauce. Heinz campaigns, globally, have played an integral role in establishing this.

The common theme shared between all the campaigns is how Heinz adds thee extra flavor to the food and is the thickest ketchup out there. One of the notable campaigns is 'It takes time to come out' brought forth the idea that Heinz being one of the thickest ketchup, it's not as easy to squeeze it out of the bottle.

The brand released a series of campaigns over the years like the #DrawKetchup campaign giving its customers the joy of personalized bottles. Blood? Ketchup? Let's confuse others on Halloween with the ketchup thick as blood - was Heinz's Halloween campaign, adding an element of fun to their communication.

The brand roped in Ed Sheeran to raise awareness of child hunger with their "Silence the Rumble" campaign. Heinz campaigns over the years have touched many causes, released many new products, and helped establish the ketchup brand as the perfect companion of all foods out there - be it Baked Beans on Hot Dogs.

Here's a look at some of the best Heinz campaigns seen over the years.

Get your personalized bottles with Heinz's #drawketchup campaign

Pushing its Beanz line, Heinz is here with "Operation Beanz" campaign

Why only enjoy ketchup? Here's Heinz Mayonnaise for its "Serious Mayo Lovers"

"If you have Heinz, you have a suit", the bloody Halloween campaign

Raising awareness about child hunger, Heinz comes up with "Silence the Rumble" campaign

It has to be heinz. After all this time? Always.

Ed Sheeran's idea for Heinz Ketchup Commercial

Food invisible? Only to others.

"No one grows ketchup like Heinz"

Baked Beans and Heinz go hand-in-hand

Heinz Hot Dog Pact. 10 sausages, 10 buns.

Here's to 150 years of Heinz Ketchup TV Commercials

It takes time to come out, because it's Heinz

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