Infographic: How to create content on LinkedIn to attract Gen-Z

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Infographic LinkedIn Gen-ZInfographic LinkedIn Gen-Z

Keeping a balance between engaging content and promotional campaigns for Gen-Z is one of the many challenges faced by marketers; this infographic will help the brands to create relevant content while maintaining a connect with this new generation.

This infographic by LinkedIn is a part of their series of blog posts, sharing an understanding of Gen-Z, their user behavior on the platform, and traits and trends that can help marketers cater to the new generation.

Skill-based or educational content that helps them improve adaptability or more of such fast-growing skills, that is vested in a mobile-first strategy would help brands reach out to Gen-Z, and this infographic shares more use case examples and tactics to build a brand that can engage this segment of the audience.

Real stories, tools and guides, diverse representation, inspirational content are a few more types that can help brands create relevant content. The infographic by LinkedIn also includes some examples of campaigns and content by brands such as YouTube tapping the demographic's interests, Skillshare's educational content, and more. These examples attempt to outline how brands can initiate the purchase journey on the platform.

Collaboration with the Gen-Z audience is another sub-topic covered here with examples of thought leadership content that caters to their preferences.

Go through this infographic by LinkedIn to know more.

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LinkedIn LinkedIn infographic How to create content on LinkedIn to attract Gen-Z Infographic: How to create content on LinkedIn to attract Gen-Z