Smallcase launches ‘Invest in Ideas’ campaign with a witty narrative

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Smallcase campaign

With the increasing number of new investors amongst the millennials, the latest campaign by Smallcase encourages users to adopt a portfolio-based approach for investments in the stock market, building their equity portfolio in a healthy and simple way.

As the number of newer Demat accounts increases over time, Smallcase releases its recent campaign that encourages the investors to invest in ideas and healthily build their equity portfolio while understanding the market in an easier manner.

A series of three digital films, the brand has collaborated with influencers and content creators like Tanmay Bhat, and Devaiah Bopanna who helped craft and amplify the ad series. Smallcase has also collaborated with Zakir Khan and Nithin Kamath for mass reach and promotions.

At a time, when most Indians are consuming information online, the digital-first campaign brings several easy-to-understand ideas that can help the investors make the right investment choices.

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The first brings a romantic encounter between two strangers in a dramatic way when the boy asks about the girl’s father who is a farmer. This is followed by the second video that showcases a lost son returning home when his parents seem to be more interested in his village with internet than their missing boy. Both the videos showcase the protagonists attempting to gauge the rural economy.

Another video brings forth an arranged marriage setup where the girl’s parents are more concerned about the performance of the IT sector and making the right choices for investment.

Through relatable setups and quirky narratives, all the three digital films, thus, highlight various ideas for investors to choose from, that include IT, Internet, and Rural Demand, encouraging people to invest in ideas and make the correct investment decisions with the aid of Smallcase.

Being a digital-first campaign, the brand has collaborated with OTT and digital channels like Sony Liv, Hotstar, YouTube, Spotify, digital news platforms other than social influencers to distribute these ads.

As the country continues to witness a spike in the number of 20-30-year-old investors, the audience showcases a keen penchant to learn more about the share market and the industries. Smallcase aims to enhance the investment experiences for young India while helping them to make the correct choice.

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