Twitter launches recording option for Spaces

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Twitter introduced an option to record Spaces, enabling users to keep the content online after the Live Audio has concluded. The recorded Spaces will be available for public playback for 30 days once the Live Audio Space has ended.

Twitter has introduced Spaces recording as a way to keep the conversation going even after a Space has ended. It equips creators and hosts to further amplify their content/ Listeners can click the ‘Play Recording’ button on any Spaces Card in the timeline to playback recorded Spaces, which are available for public playback for 30 days once the Space has ended.

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How to record a Space :

  1. When creating a Space, toggle on 'Record Space'. While recording, a logo will appear at the top to indicate that the Space is being recorded
  2. Only those with speaker privileges will be recorded in a Spaces recording
  3. Once the recorded Space ends, the Host will see a link to share the Space recording out via a Tweet
  4. Prior to sharing it out, hosts will have the option to select where it starts with 'Edit Start Time', which allows them to cut out any dead air time that might occur at the beginning of a Space.
  5. To playback a Spaces recording, simply click on the ‘Play Recording’ button on any Spaces Card in your timeline
  6. Hosts will have the ability to download the Space in the 'data' folder of their Data download.
  7. They can also 'Delete Recording' of recorded Spaces at any time

To ensure people's safety and healthy conversations, Twitter Rules apply to all Spaces. As with live Spaces, Twitter will retain audio copies of all recorded Spaces for 30 to 120 days after they've ended to be reviewed for violations of the Twitter Rules. Reports of Spaces are reviewed by a separate, dedicated team so that the service can take action quickly.

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