BOSS Burger launches Bollywood inspired Instagram Reels campaign - #HitHaiBOSS

Social Samosa
Feb 03, 2022 05:21 IST
BOSS Burger campaign

Inspired by the over-the-top Bollywood persona, BOSS Burger launches #HitHaiBOSS campaign featuring Bollywood-inspired content on Instagram reels. 

The reels attempt to recreate popular moments from Bollywood movies and the campaign reached 10 Mn+ Instagram users, according to the brand, and they have also decided to go regional and capture the audiences with famous Kannada dialogues.

Alexander Valladares, Chief Marketing Officer, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, says, “BOSS Burger has always been a dramatic, over-the-top burger, bundled with a lot of quirk. Right from its corrugated hard box packaging with fun messaging to the unique flavors, our burgers come fully loaded with crispy patties, flavourful sauces, and more - they are generous and messy in the best way possible. The campaign came alive, paying an ode to renowned Bollywood dialogues through Instagram reels. Reels have currently got people hooked so we thought - why not leverage that?”

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BOSS Burger engaged creators from various fields such as food, fashion, and fitness. Celebrities, VJs, YouTubers, nano, and micro-influencers came together to give their own unique twist to BOSS Burger's custom dialogues.  The brand mentions, the traction of the campaign resulted in an immediate uptake in orders.

Roshni Kavina, National Creative Head, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, says, "Reels are a part of our everyday reality.  They are addictive and are curated entertainment shorties at our thumb tips. Merging entertainment with hospitality is what we ace here at Impresario, so promoting BOSS BURGERS on the most engaging platform was an obvious choice. Reels might not have the reach of television commercials but they certainly have no spillovers, engage the exact audience we want to tartare, are cost-effective, and with a little bit of planning they can be extremely effective for brand growth. Our fresh approach for the BOSS BURGER campaign not only spiraled into thousands of engaging and personalized approaches to our brave story but our customers took ownership of it. Exactly what we wanted. Reels are the new commercials and we are happy to be one of the first ones to ride that wave in the Indian markets.”

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