Flipkart Seller Hub returns with #BachonKaKhel to highlight growth opportunities for sellers

Flipkart Seller Hub

Flipkart Seller Hub returns with the second leg of ‘Bachon Ka Khel’ campaign with a series of three brand films as the cast continues to explore the benefits of online selling and discover new growth opportunities.

#BachonKaKhel campaign with a series of 3 brand films highlight the challenges that sellers face in online business and how the brand tackles these issues with its offerings, making online selling quintessential to a mere child’s play or ’Bachon Ka Khel’.

The campaign features Bijendra Kala as the apprehensive seller with Namit Das playing his tech-savvy, enthusiastic counterpart, and Divyansh Dwivedi, the child who explains the features of Flipkart Seller Hub and the ease of doing business on the platform.

The ‘Bachon Ka Khel’ campaign commences with Das highlighting the latest updates and growth opportunities on their existing seller portal on Flipkart Seller Hub. As Kala listens to features like selling at 0% commission, he is seen doubtfully posing the question – Bachon Ka Khel Hai Kya? To this, enters Dwivedi, to solve the query. The child explains the growth opportunities for sellers on the platform and how it is a child’s play to do business with Flipkart Seller Hub in the literal sense.

The second video showcases how Das is receiving newer orders from cities like Spiti and Cherrapunji, effectively showing how the seller is receiving orders from all around the country. When Kala gets agitated after learning about the two-day delivery to such far off locations, Dwivedi explains how the pan-India delivery system of the Flipkart Seller Hub, actually makes it a Bachon Ka Khel.

At the end of the videos, the doubtful seller agrees that it is indeed a ‘Bachon Ka Khel’ to not just do business through the online marketplace but also tackle the nagging problems. Each of the brand films addresses the daily challenges that plague the online business world, while shedding light on how Flipkart Sellers Hub can be the answer to many of these issues.

Sharing his views on the campaign, Anshul Vasu, Senior Marketing Manager, Flipkart Marketplace said, “Flipkart offers a hassle-free process for all sellers to understand the system, expand their online business and enhance their selling experience by opting for our features and promotions. We constantly upgrade the seller portal with new features that help them boost their business and maximize profits. Moreover, we keep on adding learning material for our sellers to make sure they are up-to-date. With “Bachon Ka Khel” Part 2, we would like to educate our sellers on the benefits and growth opportunities that Flipkart Seller Hub offers, and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to come forth.”

Rohit Sakunia, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Art-E MediaTech, said, “With more and more businesses leveraging technologies and online platforms to keep pace with the changing times and market landscape, we are working with Flipkart to find new campaign approaches in which we can engage with existing and prospective sellers.

#BachonKaKhel narrates Flipkart Seller Hub’s salient features in a light-hearted, easy-to-understand manner with a clear message on how easy it is to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with Flipkart. We are closely tracking the campaign performance and expecting a sign-up rate twice as high as we witnessed previously. The campaign results and insights will also guide Flipkart in creating greater value for Flipkart Seller Hub as well as the sellers.”

Through relatable and light-hearted communication, the campaign manages to seamlessly weave the platform’s offerings and features in an easy-to-understand manner. Keeping the existing and prospective sellers in mind, Flipkart encourages people to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with their Sellers Hub to bring more value and growth in this changing consumer landscape.