Khaby Lame - The TikToker who took over social media without speaking a word

Paawan Sunam
Feb 11, 2022 11:00 IST
Khaby brand Collaborations

Khaby became a viral sensation on social media during the pandemic and his rising popularity has been attracting brands worldwide. Here's a look Khaby lame and some of his brand collaborations.

Khanbane Lame or Khaby Lame is a Senegalese-born TikTok and Instagram influencer and content creator with around 70M followers on Instagram. Based out of Italy, he has become a viral sensation all over the world, known for busting myths of complicated "life hack" videos. According to Wikipedia, as of 2021, Khaby is the second most followed TikToker. Khaby brand collaborations are a testimony to his popularity.

The global sensation, started making TikTok videos during the COVID-19 pandemic, reportedly after he was laid off from his job. Initially, his videos featured him dancing and watching video games. Khaby rose to fame only after his TikToks - Duet and Stitch - that showed him debunking overly complicated life hacks.

Khaby and his sarcastic signature expression were enough to take over the social media world, helping him gain popularity not just among his audiences, but also within the brand community, and had a chance to walk down the red carpet.

Last year his popularity in the Indian sub-continent strengthened and we saw Khaby collaborating with Dream11 for an advertising video. In a much recent association, globally Hugo Boss associated with the creator for their #BeYourOwnBoss campaign. Meta too rolled out a branded video with Khaby.

Here we take a closer look at some of the Khaby brand collaborations :


Hugo Boss

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