Snapchat announces new tools for live events & creator monetization

Snapchat tool

Snapchat has announced a new ad placement for advertisers in the beta phase which would also allow creators to monetize their Stories; and also launched a new tool in collaboration with Ticketmaster.

Ticketmatcher, the tool to facilitate the discovery of live events is available in more than 20 countries whereas the newly launched mid-roll ads in Snap Star Stories is selectively available to creators in the US.

Ticketmatcher – Discover Live Events

Snapchat is introducing a new way for users to discover live events with their friends, in partnership with Ticketmaster. Using the new Snap Map Layer, users can browse Ticketmaster’s complete catalog of upcoming events based on what is happening nearby.

Here, the users can see everything from comedy to sports, concerts, or indie shows. Once they find a show that piques their interest, they can tap in and invite their friends through stickers that plug into the Snapchat Camera or even buy tickets through a checkout process.

Through Ticketmaster’s Ticketmatcher Mini, users can share their favorite artists and genres and match with events near them based on their personal preferences. From there, they can swipe left or right to browse, and the Mini will keep track of what they’ve saved.

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Speaking about the update, the Snapchat team, shared, “We are so excited to partner with Ticketmaster, the world’s largest ticket marketplace, to deliver this first-of-its-kind experience for Snapchatters in more than 20 countries around the globe.”

Mid-Roll Ads in Snap Star Stories

In the coming months, Snapchat will be introducing a new opportunity to support creators: mid-roll advertisements in Snap Star Stories.

In beta testing now with an early set of US Snap Stars, Snap Stars will receive a share of the revenue generated from ads within their public Story. Stories lower the barrier to content creation and engagement, and we believe placing ads within a Snap Star’s public Story will allow an easier path to financial success.

For advertisers, this can be an opportunity to reach the community with a new placement. Mid-roll advertisements in Snap Star Stories will be available later this year.