Super Bowl 2022 Campaigns: The Big League’s showcase

Super Bowl 2022 Campaigns

Super Bowl 2022 sets a new record with ad slots at whopping prices being sold out, here is the showcase of campaigns displayed at this monumental event, packing big budgets, comedic narratives, high-profile celebrities, and much more.

Super Bowl LV generated USD 434.5 Mn of in-game ad revenue, according to Kantar report. The exclusive broadcasting network NBC was reported to sell spots at 6.5 Mn per 30 seconds of airtime, representing a 6% increase over the average price paid for a 30-second commercial spot in 2021, and a 10% increase from five years ago. Super Bowl 2022 Campaigns take the commercial value of this gigantic event.

This year, commercial spots for Super Bowl LVI are reported to have set new records having reached 7 Mn for 30-seconds of airtime, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The campaigns would also be showcased across NBC, Telemundo, and streaming, including Peacock.

As of last year, Super Bowl commercials have garnered higher interest than the halftime event too. Here we outline how brands are leveraging the piqued interest and current trends dominating one of the biggest sporting events of the world.

‘Crypto’ and ‘Electric’ are the two new entrants in the big league, both trends have a substantial presence this season. Automobile brands have been recently extending their product lines with electric vehicles and Super Bowl makes up for a sizeable audience that a brand can reach in one evening to raise awareness of a product that is in its foundational stage of gaining base share in the market.

The spike in the interest of financial investors in cryptocurrency and the growth of brands in this branch of the Finance sector has been on an upsurge since the last couple of years and this year its presence is felt in the Big League too.

Celebrities endorsers continue to dominate the screen presence, whether is the current favorite Zendaya, or veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, brands continue to bank on popular faces to present their offerings.

Humour continues to be a dominant expression with over-the-top narratives and comedic storylines that intend to catch the viewers’ attention by cracking them up. A number of brands count on humor to make the most of their airtime.

More brands continue to deploy high AdSpends, raise production value, and feature celebrities for the sporting event.

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The Call – Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show

Robot Dog – Kia EV6

A Lot In Common – AT&T Fiber

Land of Loud Flavors – Bud Light Seltzer

Road to Super Bowl LVI – PepsiCo

Push It – Doritos

Super Bowl 2022 Ft. Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd – Lays

VIP Ft. Kevin Hart – Sam’s Club

Thrill Driver – Nissan

Something Electric Is Brewing Ft. Arnold Schwarzenegger – BMW USA

Big Game Teaser Ft. Zendaya – Squarespace

Uber Don’t Eats Ft. Gwyneth Paltrow – Uber Eats

Walter in Winter – Chevrolet

History of Evolution – Hyundai

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