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How do we define TriosCo?

An interdisciplinary design and digital marketing firm, TriosCo operates on the purpose of ‘unleashing the collective genius'. With experience of 4+ years, we believe that mastering only one individual trade is not enough. Instead, it is the collaboration of diverse creative forces that end up building inspiring stories. Our team comprises 10+ young, passionate, and a little crazy heads, and we love everything creative. Coming from different backgrounds, each of us sees things differently which further enhances our services. Team TriosCo believes that people do not buy goods and services. They buy experiences, stories, and magic and here we aim to create that magic for all our clients.

We specialize in brand development, social media management, website development, product or model shoots, Google ads and SEO, Amazon selling. Further, wedding invites & collaterals along with personalized design also fall under the ambit of our services.

What's in the name?

TriosCo means the power of 3. The three triangles in our logo represent three pillars of the industry, Create, Connect and Transcend beyond limits. This helped us turn a vision into reality and inspired the online world one brand at a time!

What do we do?

Designing Services

  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Social Media Posts
  • Print Ad & Posters and many more

Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Whatsapp Business & Marketing and more

E-commerce Website Development

  • Shopify Website
  • Woocommerce website
  • Custom Build Site

Corporate Website

  • One page website
  • Company Profile Website
  • Portfolio Website

Marketplace Management

  • Amazon Store Page Creation
  • Keyword research & Listing
  • A+ Content Creation
  • Online Inventory Management
  • Amazon Seller Account Launch and more

TriosCo Studios

  • Product Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Video Shoots
  • Corporate Profile Video Shoots

Why we do it?

TriosCo aims to unlock the untapped potential of the digital for each of its clients. Especially SMBs and old business houses in Kolkata are yet to tap the potential of digital and we at TriosCo want to help them understand the potential here and help them grow digitally.

The masses either were unaware or did not know where to start, so helping them reach new heights was our main focus to start TriosCo. Secondly, it’s our passion, so we are doing what we love doing.

How we evolve?

This is a continuous process for us at TriosCo and the industry. Every day there are new updates, new methods, new rules so the rule is simple - try it out, make mistakes, learn and master the process.

We have regular internal training sessions and discussions which helps us grow and do the best for our clients.

Social responsibility in social media

From an agency point of view, we think that helping out NGOs, or other organizations to reach out to the masses and help them serve the nation is the least we can do. We have tied up with NGOs and helped them get more helping hands for their cause. Also, we should always preach and do the correct practices involved in the industry.

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Need of the hour

We have all learned adults and the beauty of this industry is that it is so open. We all should act responsibly so that there is no need for a law to govern us

We learned the hard way

Do not over-promise to get the work, and always over-perform than you promise! Single mantra to client retention.

Did we just share that?

This we face on a regular basis, “Ads start hue 2 ghante hogaye and abhi tak kuch result hi nahi aaya!”

“I can’t see my ad on Facebook please look into this!”

They work with us

Moreish Foods, Great Eastern, Avani Riverside Mall, Suman Nathwani, Vatsalya Dental, Classic Furniture, Mahavir Seva Sadan, Kids Natkhat, Biskid, and many more!

The Industry as we foresee

By 2025, everything will be digital and 70% plus of the total marketing budget will be spent on digital medium only. So, all the agency owners keep up and keep going! A day without Internet is 100% required and we love it when it happens.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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