Case Study: How Ambuja Cement reached 48.3 mn users through its sustainability campaign

Ambuja Cement sustainability campaign

This case study explores what went behind the Ambuja Cement sustainability campaign, #ChangeTheStory, on the ground level, leading to them engaging the audience and creating awareness around their environment initiatives

This case study explores how Ambuja Cement sustainability campaign advocated the cause of reduction in use of single time use plastic and shed light on their green initiatives.

Category Introduction

Cement demand is expected to print a robust 9-10% growth in 2022 vs. the past five years’ average volume growth of 7.6%, backed by a strong rural economy, pick-up in housing demand supported by lower interest rates, and improved affordability. Additionally, strong execution in key government-backed infrastructure projects like road, metros, and irrigation segments in order to reach the target before the general election of 2024 should drive the potential cement demand in 2022.

Brand Introduction 

Holcim India is a recognized global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions and the parent company of two of India’s largest building material companies – Ambuja Cements Limited and ACC Limited.

Set up as a shop in 1983, Ambuja Cements has now become one of the leading cement companies in India and is known for its hassle-free, home-building solutions.  With a legacy of over 35 years, Ambuja Cement has taken pride in its brand philosophy of ‘Viraat Compressive Strength’ with an aim to push boundaries and achieve results that have enabled the company to become one of India’s foremost cement companies for decades now.

ACC Ltd. which has helped India build since 1936, is one of India’s leading producers of cement and ready-mix concrete, believes in the philosophy of ‘Karein Kuch Kamaal‘. With a world-class R&D center, the quality of ACC’s products and services, as well as its commitment to technological development, makes it a preferred brand in building materials.

Ambuja Cement Sustainability Campaign – Summary

Climate change impacts have been one of the most dreaded issues, today and it has become our responsibility to take concrete and important measures to combat this problem. #ChangeTheStory campaign wanted to emphasize these pressing matters and act as a catalyst for encouraging people to be agents of change to transform today into a sustainable tomorrow. 

Problem Statement & Objective 

The objective of launching ‘Change The Story’, was to elevate the narrative around sustainability challenges with a sense of urgency by showcasing technology-backed solutions that offer effective and measurable outcomes. Through this platform, the brand wanted to address some of the most pressing challenges around sustainability faced by everyone and provide a nation-building road map for the country’s march towards a Net Zero future.

This campaign aimed to highlight the company’s efforts to clean the river Yamuna through the non-invasive technology called Bubble Barrier. It talks about the implementation of Geocycle India’s (waste management arm of Ambuja and ACC) ‘bubble curtain’ technology to remove 2,400 tonnes of plastic waste from Agra’s Mantola canal. The platform is set to expand its scope to include more stories of impactful change for the environment and society.


This campaign was expected to tackle the environmental problems with a sense of urgency and provide solutions that will benefit the future of society. Thus, the brief was given with the objective to create thoughtful and impactful pieces of communication that were equally entertaining and informative. The idea was to inspire others in creating positive change by packaging the campaign in such a way that strikes a chord with the audience and also conveys such a serious matter. 

Creative Idea 

The 360-degree‘ call to action’ campaign was curated keeping in mind the target audience profile and is extensively leveraged in new-age and digital media for higher impact. This integrated campaign comprises films, press, and digital campaigns to talk about the first sustainability initiative – revolutionary bubble barrier technology that removes plastic waste from rivers. The campaign was rolled out across all the owned platforms. 


To create awareness and introduce the existence of a non-invasive technology that uses bubbles to capture plastic in the river water. 

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The Ambuja Cement campaign was executed in three phases:

Phase I

The campaign kickstarted with a digital film, showcasing the unchanging characteristic of plastic in the river water in a humorous manner. The video aimed to drive a message through the lens of a scientist, that it is time to change the story by taking out the plastic and freeing our rivers from the polluted past.

The brand also launched a microsite advocating the audience to adopt sustainable practices by encouraging them to take a pledge and sign up with us to help the cause.

Phase II –

Driving awareness across digital channels, the company launched a rap song across their owned platforms featuring the campaign mnemonic ‘Bubble Sharma’. The brand has leveraged the power of music through rap’s foot-tapping beats and original purpose-driven lyrics, to showcase how the company is pushing out plastic from the rivers using bubble barrier technology.

A mix of both humor and impactful pieces of communication were used to bring out the challenges and the eco-friendly solutions.

Phase III

Holcim India launched an AR filter game, creating an immersive experience for users by illustrating the state of marine plastic pollution and the basic functioning of the Geocycle Bubble Barrier technology. This game convinced the user to play their role in driving change by encouraging players to bubble pop their way to cleaner oceans and safer habitats for marine creatures.

Additionally, the brand also collaborated with a bunch of micro and Nano influencers to drive further engagement around the bubble barrier technology.



The campaign garnered over 48.3 Mn impressions and 21.3 Mn unique reach with a 162% engagement rate. The campaign also led to organic trending on Twitter for #ChangeTheStory for about 2-3 hours with more than 3,000 tweets.


More than 1900 people showed support to the campaign by sharing their personal tales where they have contributed to bringing a change in the environment and society. This call to action initiative acted as a catalyst for encouraging people to be agents of change to transform today into a sustainable tomorrow by pledging on the microsite and sharing their own change the story moment. 


Neeraj Akhoury, CEO, India, Holcim and Managing Director & CEO, Ambuja Cements Ltd., said, “Holcim Group along with its two operating companies in India, Ambuja Cements and ACC, is committed to co-author the story of a new India that sees sustainability as an integral part of our success in the country.  As the world’s second-largest cement manufacturing country, India is well-placed to assume a leadership role in creating an industry that breaks unnatural silos that divides profits and purpose.  We are very proud as our #ChangeTheStory campaign is a vital but also step in that direction that will amplify solutions that work and showcase champions who are bringing about the change.  Above all, we expect the #ChangeTheStory campaign to be true to its name by writing a new story strengthened by hope, optimism, and action.”