Harsha Bhogle allegedly runs a gimmick on Instagram Live for Fantasy Akhada campaign

Paawan Sunam
Mar 28, 2022 05:47 IST
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Harsha Bhogle campaign

Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle left a mysterious impression on an Instagram Live event with a sports journalist, leaving several viewers wondering what happened and showing concern for his well-being. The dots connected when Fantasy Akhada revealed a campaign featuring him.

An eminent personality in the global cricket broadcasting industry and cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle has been known for his expertise in the sport. This trait became a part of the narrative of 'Apharan: Khel Tumhara Akhada Humara', the new campaign by Fantasy Akhada, a fantasy sports platform.

An Instagram Live session with the Page Cricket Sportwalk, was disrupted abruptly in what seemed to be a threatening situation for Bhogle. Several viewers showed their concern through Tweets, wanting to know what had happened and if he was all right.

Viewers later got to know that the gimmick was set up for the campaign launch, which follows the narrative of Bhogle getting kidnapped by Manu Bhaiya (played by Ali Fazal), a goon who abducts Bhogle to learn his insights in cricket and ace the game on Fantasy Akhada.

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However, Bhogle also received backlash from users who resorted to abusive language to express their frustration over a huge personality using his social media presence to cause concerns for a campaign.

While there has been no direct confirmation from the brand or the sports maven that the gimmick was a part of the campaign launch, it has been perceived to be so, and the Page that hosted the Live also amplified the campaign on their handle.