Instagram introduces Family Center & Parental Supervision Tools 

Instagram Family Center

Family Center is a new hub for parents and guardians to access supervision tools and resources from experts. The tools are available on Instagram and will be rolled out in VR in May 2022.

The Family Center has been designed to enable parents and guardians to monitor and manage their kids’ experiences across Meta platforms, starting with Instagram, with supervision tools, informed by experts, teens, and parents.

Guardians and parents can oversee their teens’ accounts within Meta technologies, set up and use supervision tools, and access resources on how to communicate with their teens about internet use.

Family Center also includes a new education hub where parents and guardians can access resources and helpful articles, videos, and tips on topics like how to talk to teens about social media. Parents can also watch video tutorials on how to use the new supervision tools available on Instagram. Connect Safely and Net Family News are a few groups the company collaborated with to develop these resources.

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Supervision tools on Instagram are available in the US as of now, with plans to roll out globally in the coming months. The first set of parental supervision tools on Instagram will allow parents and guardians to:

  • View how much time their teens spend on Instagram and set time limits
  • Be notified when their teen shares they’ve reported someone
  • View and receive updates on what accounts their teens follow and the accounts that follow their teens.
  • Teens will need to initiate supervision for now in the app on mobile devices, and we will add the option for parents to initiate supervision in the app and on desktop in June. Teens will need to approve parental supervision if their parent or guardian requests it.

Over the next few months, additional features would be added, including letting parents set the hours during which their teen can use Instagram and the ability for more than one parent to supervise a teen’s account.