Twitter brings back the reverse-chronological feed

Paawan Sunam
Mar 16, 2022 04:12 IST
New Update
Twitter feed

After a series of tests and a couple years of exploring, Twitter has addressed the feedback on Home Feed, and restored the reverse-chronological feed to show the latest Tweets first.

Previously, Twitter had added a sparkle button to switch between tabs of Latest and Top Tweet, but this experience has been discarded, with the reverse-chronological feed now functional. The platform mentions they would be exploring other options.

Twitter has been sceptical about the best format for feed and has been experimenting for a while, with Top tweets being one of the beta tests. Top Tweets shown were compiled from algorithms based on the accounts most engaged with and most interacted with or most-liked tweets.

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Feedback given to the platform by its users included, the platform not knowing what the users may like by basing it on algorithms; latest tweets is what the users want as Twitter is more of a platform to know what’s happening now and less of what’s the best thing now.

While the tabbed experience would suffice both kinds of users – ones who want to see top tweets and the ones who want to see the latest tweets, setting the latest tweets to default seemed the most feasible option.