Twitter launches beta experiment of Shops

Twitter Shops

Merchants will be enabled to showcase a collection of up to 50 products to shoppers through Twitter Shops, a feature free to use for users.

Users can view products from the profiles of desired brands, discover products on the timeline, and browse them on Twitter Shops.

When users go to the profile of a merchant that has Shops enabled, they’ll see a “View shop” button above their Tweets. When they tap the button, it will open the merchant’s shop, and the users can then scroll through items, purchase them by clicking on the product of choice, and open an in-app browser where they can learn more about the product and checkout on the merchant’s website.

While the Shop Module allows merchants to showcase up to five products directly on their profile, Shops gives merchants a larger, fully-immersive space to highlight a longer catalog of products.

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Like all of the Twitter Shopping features – the Shop Module, Live Shopping, and our Shopping Manager – Twitter Shops is part of a larger effort to support professionals of all kinds, small businesses, creators, and big brands.

Shops is available to select merchants and managed partners in US. Businesses that have their Shops enabled today include Verizon, ArdenCove, LatinxInPower, GayPrideApp, and AllIDoIsCookUS. For now, people in the US who use Twitter in English on iPhones will be able to view and interact with Twitter Shops.

Shops has been designed to be a hub for merchants on the platform where they can curate a catalog of products for their Twitter audience and build upon the product discussions already happening on the platform.

As the beta experiment continues the platform will look into how to make Shops more discoverable; adding new ways for merchants to tell their brand story; expanding the number of products merchants can showcase, and bringing Twitter Shops to more merchants and more users.