YouTube launches features for health-related searches & videos in India

Paawan Sunam
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YouTube has rolled out new labels and health source information panels to display authoritative information and enable viewers to identify videos from authoritative sources, in India, Brazil, and Japan.

As one of the platforms to access quality and helpful health-related information, YouTube has the potential to impact decisions people make about their health and with the new features launched, the platform intends to help people find credible information easily.

YouTube is partnering with health organizations globally to create video content and feature health professionals in reliable content. Previously only available in the US, the product features will now enable visibility of health information in Brazil, India, and Japan, and the expansion would continue further for other countries.

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Health source information panels on videos intend to help viewers identify videos from authoritative sources and health content shelves that highlight videos from these sources when specific health topics are searched. The context cues are designed to aid users to explore and evaluate credible health information, apart from the relevant videos from other channels in search results.

The platform initially used a set of principles developed by a panel of experts convened by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the United States. As these features are expanded internationally, YouTube will aim to ensure a consistent set of principles to identify authoritative health sources across the globe. The World Health Organization and NAM recently convened a meeting of interdisciplinary experts from around the world to review and validate principles for global application.

This has initiated identifying and designating authoritative health sources on YouTube. While only accredited health organizations and government entities are currently included in health context features, YouTube is also exploring ways to broaden eligibility and evaluate the inclusion of other health sources.