Clubhouse update brings ‘Wild Cards’ Game Room

Clubhouse Game room

Clubhouse introduces Game Room with games such as Wild Cards which is similar to Truth or Dare and focused on getting conversations started.

Clubhouse has introduced Game Room, a new way to hang out on the social audio app. The new game feature will give you a deck of cards full of conversation ideas. It will also have a question-and-answer play, similar to truth or dare that gets people talking in Wild Cards. Users will have complete control over who answers the questions, the time constraints, and more.

Users will have to update the Clubhouse app to the latest version to get started with Game Room on Android or iOS devices.

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To start a Wild Cards game, click “+Room” and then select “Games.” You’ll be dropped into a social room, and once your friends join, click “Start Game” to begin the fun! You might get asked “What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever spent money on?” or “Who in this room would make the best cult leader (or the worst)?”

How do you start a Game Room?

  • To start a game on Clubhouse, click “+Room” and then select Games
  • This will drop you into a social room where you can invite your friends
  • Once your friends are in the room, click “Start Game”

Currently, Wild Cards is only available in English but we may expand to other languages in the future.