How Snickers India’s Hunger Ka Royal Solution campaign leveraged influencers

Snickers India

The case study explores how Snickers India popularized their India-specific variant – Kesar Pista through an integrated digital campaign, focusing on the royal-ness of the flavor.


Taking their ‘You Are Not You When You Are Hungry’ ahead for their newly launched Kesar
Pista variant, Snickers India launched their “Hunger Ka Royal Solution” campaign. The
activation was in line with the brand’s new flavor which consists of the royal spice – Saffron or
Kesar, and the premium nut – Pistachio, bringing together a combination that is adored by

Creative Idea

Snickers India positioned the campaign around Holi, when the ‘fun’ element and the ‘royal’
element blend perfectly together – in the form of colours and indulgent and delectable mithaais.
The brand collaborated with influencers, who in their own unique way interpreted what ‘Royal
Hunger’ looks like.


As part of the campaign, Snickers India, collaborated with leading influencers such as Srishti
Dixit, Mallika Dua, Funcho, and Ankush Bahuguna. The creators were briefed to share what
their royal hunger looks like – in their own, fun and witty ways.

Each of the influencers showed what their ‘Shahi Tantrums’ look like and how Snickers Kesar
Pista helps in curbing this hunger.

Srishti Dixit

Mallika Dua


Ankush Bahuguna

Snickers India

Further, the brand launched an Instagram filter that would overlay the users’ photos with a royal
outfit and jewels turning them into historic, royal personalities. The influencers tried on the filter
and created engaging content around the theme of Royal Hunger.


The Campaign garnered over 2 Mn Views with an average engagement rate of 8.09% across all the assets